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Fixed an odd issue today when I clicked the update button on octoprint for touchUI- my TouchUI BROKE!  Error message – Touch UI “Installing the plugin from URL “unknown” failed: Could not parse output from pip touchui”

The only fix I found was to manually dump the TouchUI  octoprint plugin 🙁 

pop up shows –URL “unknown” failed: Could not parse output from pip touchui”

You will need to go the home folder and find your pi user where you installed OctoPrint – and it you need to manually remove the  TouchUI pluginGet ride of the old Touch UI that can not be updated and gives error

From your octoprint server terminal   — ssh or from the console terminal

  1. cd ~/OctoPrint/venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/

    Then use the below  commands removes the  2 folders with the touch UI settings and their contents

    rm -rf octoprint_touchui/
    rm -rf TouchUI-0.3.6-py2.7.egg-info/ 


  2. touchui-egg
    Restart octoprint server

    sudo service octoprint restart 


  3. From the octoprint server go to settings - 
    plugin manger and re download TouchUI 
  4. restart octoprint again
    sudo service octoprint restart 

Happy to stay the above removal and then the reinstall of the plugin after the restart – fixed my issue.  ( PS find -name touchui helped find with the config files lived. )



This pic below is out of order but shows the restart option and the process  🙂

TouchUI FIx





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